NEW VIDEO! Rafi Eitan reveals deal with US for Pollard

Info series by Boxerbros Productions: Video #6
Justice4JPnews - October 25, 2010

J4JP is pleased to present the sixth in a series of brief videos on the Pollard case.

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  • Title

    : Rafi Eitan reveals deal with US for Pollard
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  • Creator

    : Boxerbros Productions
  • Description

    : As Jonathan Pollard nears the completion of his 25th year in prison his former handler and former Israeli Cabinet Minister, Rafi Eitan, reveals for the first time that a secret deal was made with the US at the time of Pollard's arrest and conviction that he would serve no more than 10 years. Eitan states that the US broke a solemn commitment and instead is keeping Pollard in prison forever to serve another unrelated agenda.
  • Language

    : Hebrew with English subtitles
  • Time (min:sec)

    : 2:05

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