Song 'Justice Denied' on YouTube

Please Call or Write the President Daily for Jonathan Pollard!

Justice4JPnews - October 16, 2010

Justice4JP Prefacing Note

Dear Reader

We encourage everyone to continue contacting the White House daily by telephone, fax or regular mail until Jonathan is released. We discourage email or sms messages because they do not have the same impact as telephone calls, faxes or regular mail and are not counted.

A new music video about the plight of Jonathan Pollard (described in an email below) was just posted to YouTube and contains the contact information needed to make those calls or send those letters. Alternately all the contact information can be found here.

To: [email protected]
From Dovid Kerner

You were gracious to post my song about Jonathan, 'Justice Denied', on your website many years ago.

A day ago I posted the song, for the first time, on Youtube: or here.

As indicated by the lyrics, the song's purpose, from the beginning, has been to motivate people to take action by calling public officials to urge that justice be served by releasing Jonathan Pollard.

I've fashioned this Youtube so that viewers/listeners encounter the President's email, phone number and snail mail address, along with the pointed question, "Have you contacted the President of the United Stated today?".

In addition, alongside the video is a lengthy excerpt from your website outlining the facts of Jonathan's long ideal.

I think that this new presentation can be used as a tool to educate and motive people to, as the lyrics go, "sharpen [their] pencils, crank up [their] phones and plug in [their] fax machines" and do their part toward ending the injustice done to Jonathan Pollard.

We'd be most pleased if you were to post and circulate information about "Justice Denied" - the Youtube.

All the best to you and to Jonathan,

Dovid Kerner

Justice4JP Post Script

Here is a sample message for President Obama:

Dear President Obama,

Your principled signature on Jonathan Pollard's clemency papers would be the consummate act of friendship towards the People of Israel.

Mr. President, please send Jonathan Pollard home now to Jerusalem, to his wife and to the People of Israel.

Twenty five years is a long time.

Justice cannot wait any longer.

Please send Jonathan home to Israel now!

With heartfelt thanks on behalf of myself and the The People of Israel

Signed, _______________

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