Video: "Joseph Jonathan" an awareness-raising song about Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JPnews Release - July 29, 2010

J4JP Introduction

People often ask us what they can do to help Jonathan, and we maintain that each person knows best what their own contribution to the struggle for justice can be. We received the following email from Andy Gross, the author of a song about Jonathan which was posted to the J4JP website song page some years ago. Andy couldn't rest until he completed a video to encourage others to get involved. Thanks Andy!

Dear Friends of Jonathan Pollard at J4JP:

My song "Joseph Jonathan" has been posted on your site for three years. I just last night finished a video for that song. The link to my video (called Jonathan Pollard Song) is

Could you please notify people on your mailing list about the video. I hope that my video motivates people to do more for Jonathan. I am very encouraged by the great stuff that Shlomi [Boxer of Boxerbros Productions] is doing.

I want you to know that the main reason why I started recording music again was because of my hope that it would help Jonathan if people would hear my song about him. Joseph Jonathan is the first song that I recorded when I went into the studio to record.

Andy Gross

Click play below to watch the video, or view it on YouTube.

  • Video Title

    : Joseph Jonathan
  • Language

    : English
  • Author

    : Andy Gross
  • Time

    [min:sec]: 2:53

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