Photos! The Walls of Jerusalem Cry Out to Pres. Obama: Free Pollard Now!

Justice4JPnews - July 14, 2010

Last night as a gesture of solidarity with Jonathan Pollard, who marked his 9,000th day in prison this week, a message to the President of the United States was screened upon the Walls of The Old City of Jerusalem in several projections. Photos of the projections are attached and may be reprinted with photo credit to Hillel Maeir.

Text of Full Message to President Obama screened on the Old City Walls:

Dear President Obama,

As the world's standard bearer for human and civil rights;
As a true believer in freedom and justice for all;
After an unprecedented period of twenty-five years of incarceration;

We, the citizens of Israel, turn to you:
Let Jonathan Pollard go!

And then, G-d shall surely bless America!