NEW VIDEO! "9000 Days" - Jonathan Pollard Info Series by Boxerbros Productions: Video #3

Justice4JPnews - July 14, 2010

J4JP is pleased to present the third in a series of brief videos on the Pollard case.

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  • Title

    : 9000 Days
  • Number in series

    : 3
  • Creator

    : Boxerbros Productions
  • Description

    : How much is 9000? Too much! This is a sharp commentary on the 9000 Days that Jonathan Pollard has already spent in prison (as of July 12, 2010) in America for his service to the security of the State of Israel. The median sentence for the offense Pollard committed is 2 to 4 years. Pollard is in his 25th year of a life sentence with no end in sight.
  • Language

    : English
  • Time (min:sec):


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