Video & Transcript: Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu: Free Jonathan Pollard!

Justice4JPnews - June 13, 2010

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    You Tube Video - Courtesy of IsraelNationalNews
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    Hebrew calendar year 5766 (2006)
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English transcript follows below.

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English Translation of Rav Eliyahu's remarks:

"This week, we read in the weekly Torah portion about the actions taken by Avraham Avinu to save a captive, to save Lot who had gone to Sodom. He went to Sodom and he was undeserving (of

rescue); yet Avraham Avinu spared no effort to save him. "There is a Jew - a very dear Jew - who did so much for the Nation of Israel all over the world and who did so much for the Land of Israel, to save us from some very harsh things --the

worst that could happen! "This Jew is named Jonathan Pollard.

His wife, Esther, has worked endlessly to try to get him out from where he is held in prison. I myself have appealed to several Presidents of the United States: to Regan, to Bush, to Bush's father, to Cardinal Law and to a host of others. To whomever I could turn, I have appealed to them, asking that they act to take him out of there and bring him here to The Land.

"And I told them - also told them here in The Land - if they what they are afraid of is that he will talk, then I will be his guarantor that he will not say a word. He won't say anything. On the contrary! He will praise everyone; he will praise the presidents.

In any case, what we want is this: He is our brother! He must come home to the Land of Israel - and at once!"