VIDEO: "Spiritual Amnesia" by Rabbi Lazer Brody
Inspired by Jonathan Pollard Letter

Justice4JPnews - December 31, 2009

In this video (link below) Rabbi Lazer Brody, world renown speaker, accomplished writer, celebrated translator of Rabbi Shalom Arush's best-selling Torah series of books, and former IDF commando, devotes his weekly video lecture to the subject of "Spiritual Amnesia" and dedicates it to Jonathan Pollard and Israel's MIAs and captives. Rabbi Brody explains that the lecture was inspired by a personal letter he received from Jonathan and Esther Pollard. Part of the letter is quoted around the 48 minute mark of the video where the teaching of His Honor HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu, shlita is cited and explained by Rabbi Brody as a spiritual remedy which can be applied to saving the Land of Israel, not just to saving Jonathan Pollard and the rest of Israel's MIAs and captives.

Rabbi Brody leads up to this "Kabbalah" from HaRav Eliyahu in the first 47 minutes of the lecture explaining the root of the problem of spiritual amnesia, its causes and its pernicious and devastating effects in day to day life, and in mental and physical health and function. Rabbi Brody draws lessons, pointers and parallels from the weekly Torah Parasha (about Yosef HaTzadik), from the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and from a host of other sources, to teach about spiritual amnesia and how to vanquish it.

The last 12 minutes of the video focus on the Pollard letter and on how to save the Land of Israel by applying the formula that the Torah teaches for eradicating spiritual amnesia. This is a delightful and deep video, presented in a manner that anyone at any level of observance and Torah knowledge can understand and enjoy. J4JP commends Rabbi Brody's video shiur on spiritual amnesia and encourages readers to take the time (about an hour) to watch it.

J4JP extends "Yashar Koach!" to Rabbi Brody for his bold efforts to rescue the remembrance of Jonathan Pollard and all of Israel's MIA's and captives from a graveyard of national forgetfulness. May his efforts meet with great success!

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J4JP Clarification:

One additional comment for clarification purposes for those who view the video. The information that Jonathan Pollard provided to Israel in the mid 1980's allowed Israel to completely revamp its civilian defense program and to be ready for possible attack by unconventional weapons of war. Israel moved from the model of bomb shelters to the model of sealed rooms, gas masks and chemical antidotes, thanks to Jonathan Pollard. It should be noted that as important as this change in civil defense plans was during the first and second Gulf Wars, today it is critical! Jonathan's contribution to Israel's defense spans all of the decades that he has been in prison and (with G-d's help) continues to keep Israel safe and prepared to this very day!