The Tragic Result of Freed Terrorists

Rabbi Lazer Brody - Lazer Beams - December 27, 2009

Reprinted by J4JPnews with permission of Lazer Beams

Raed Sarkaji, one of Fatah's Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades members responsible for the cold-blooded murder of Rabbi Meir Chai HY"D, was killed by IDF troops during a daring anti-terrorist operation in Shechem yesterday. The terrorist leader had been interned in an Israeli prison until January 2009. Sarkaji took almost no time in returning to terrorism, the very activity for which he was arrested in the first place.

Anan Sabeh, Sarkaji's accomplice whose rifle was found to be compatible with the bullet shells found at the scene of Rabbi Chai's murder, had also been released from an Israeli prison as part of the amnesty deal with the Palestinian Authority in 2007, in which Israel agreed not to hunt down Palestinian gunmen who agreed to lay down their arms.

Until Rabbi Chai was murdered, I had expressed my support for the release of terrorists in a deal to gain the freedom of Gilead Shalit. Reality has painfully shown that releasing such terrorists is worse than folly - it costs us more blood. My desire to see Gilead Shalit come home soon simply overcome my better judgment. Stark reality proved me wrong. As much as we want Gilead home, we can't look into the eyes of any more orphans while advocating the release of terrorists.

Just today, I heard something unbelievably courageous: The highest echelons in Israel wanted to engineer a swap with the USA and the PA - Marwan Barghouti's freedom for Jonathan Pollard. Jonathan heard about it, and despite 25 years of indescribable anguish in prison, he refused to be a part in any deal that sets him free if a single terrorist will be freed as well.

May Hashem free all our prisoners in His own miraculous way! As for us, we have to beef up our prayers for Yehonatan ben Malka and Gilead ben Aviva.

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