Pollard in Captivity 25 years, November 21, 2009
Now more than ever, write to Jonathan Pollard!

Justice4JPnews - November 21, 2009

Twenty-five years

ago, on November 21, 1985 Jonathan Pollard was betrayed by the government of Israel when he sought shelter at the Israeli Embassy in Washington - as he had been instructed to do by his Israeli handlers. At first Pollard was welcomed by Embassy staff, but after a quick call to Jerusalem for instructions, he was thrown out of the Embassy and into the waiting arms of the FBI.

Israel's 25-year on-going failure to protect, defend, and rescue Jonathan has permitted enemies of Israel within the American Government, within the US Defense - Intelligence Community and particularly within the US Navy, to exploit Jonathan's plight as a weapon against Israel and the Jewish People. Even after 25 years, the Pollard case continues to be used to call into question Israel's reliability as an ally, and the loyalty of American Jews. Jonathan Pollard has become, to our detriment, the ultimate symbol of Jewish impotence and disfavor.

Now more than ever, as Jonathan Pollard begins his 25th year in prison, your letters are a precious resource and sorely needed. Please write to Jonathan!

His address is:

Jonathan Pollard #09185-016
c/o FCI Butner
P.O. Box 1000
Butner, NC
U.S.A 27509-1000

The letters that Jonathan is receiving at this time are his lifeline, his reassurance that people on the outside care very deeply. Jonathan calls these letters his "oxygen", his lifeline to the outside world. He often remarks to his wife, Esther, how very much he enjoys the letters and how varied they are. The letters contain stories, anecdotes, prayers, and personal life experiences. Some people write of how they much are praying for Jonathan, others recount personal problems so severe that Jonathan is now praying for them (along with all of his prayers for Am Yisrael).

Most people express the hope that Jonathan will write back, but he simply is not able to. All of his out-going mail is routed via the National Security Agency in Washington where it is supposedly "vetted" to ensure that it does not contain classified information. In the process of being "vetted" somehow all of his out-going mail gets lost or destroyed. It does not reach its destination. This is an age-old vengeful technique that is intended to demoralize a prisoner.

Fortunately, Jonathan does receive all of his incoming mail. Incoming mail goes directly to the prison mail room where it is checked to ensure that the letter is in English and does not contain any contraband. (No bubble gum, stamps, glitter, stickers, money, etc. permitted). Only letters and photos are permitted (Photos in modest quantity: up to 5). Letters in Hebrew are shown to Jonathan very briefly (not sufficient time for him to read) and then discarded; it is clearly preferable to write in English.

As soon as the mail room staff checks the mail, it is distributed and Jonathan receives all of his letters, without exception.

Especially now at this critical moment, as Jonathan enters his 25 year in captivity, please keep writing! Please know that all of your letters reach Jonathan as long as they are correctly addressed and contain no forbidden enclosures. Please know as well, how very much these letters mean to him!

Feel free to send a copy of your letters to [email protected].

With your permission we will share copies of some of the letters with our readers.