Shuli Rand Concert Rocks Caesarea
and calls for the Release of Jonathan Pollard

From: The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home - Oct. 5, 2009

Beyond all the best expectations, tickets to the Shuli Rand Concert in Caesarea sold out and the stadium was packed for the Succoth extravaganza which took place last night.

The widely varied crowd came from all walks of life and were right at home with Shuli Rand's repertoire of songs. Throughout the concert, fans sang along or lip synched. Archadi Duchin also joined Shuli in a new duet.

Shuli touched the hearts of the audience when he devoted two songs to Jonathan Pollard and Gilead Shalit, "Nikudah Tovah", and "Eicha". Many seated in the Ampitheatre waved photos of Jonathan Pollard, which were caught on camera and embazoned on the huge screens in the theatre. When Rand finished the songs dedicated to the Pollard and Shalit, the audience spontaneously began, at first humming, and then singing the song of promise made to Rachel Immaneu, "V'shavu banim l'gvulum" -- "And your sons shall return to their borders!" Shuli Rand joined the spontaneous song and took it over, to resounding applause from the audience!

Photos of the event are attached. Please recirculate!