Warning! Character Assassination of Pollard by Yediot Achronot in the offing

Justice4JPnews - September 29, 2009

Letter translated to English from Hebrew by J4JP.

From: Nitsana Darshan-Leitner and Co. Law Offices Beit HaKeren, 10 Hata'as Street Ramat Gan 52512

To: Yediot Achronot, Editor/Publisher
2 Noach Moses Street
Tel Aviv

September 21, 2009

Dear Gentlemen,


Article about Jonathan Pollard by Ronen Bergman

On behalf of my clients, Esther and Jonathan Pollard, in regard to the article referenced above, I turn to you as follows:

1) My client Esther Pollard received today, Monday, a list of questions for response, related to a feature article which Yediot Achronot plans to publish about Jonathan Pollard.

2) From the list of questions, it appears, that the article which is about to be published will be comprised of half-truths and out right lies. Even if these lies were previously published or repeated in the media, they are still actionable according to the laws which govern slander and libel. Moreover, the list of questions considered as a whole, adds up to nothing more than wanton character assassination of Jonathan Pollard and his wife.

3) My client received the list of questions today, Monday, and was asked to respond to them by twelve noon tomorrow. From the fact that a list of questions was sent - and not the article itself, as was promised to Mrs. Pollard; and from the fact that the list of questions was sent in the midst of a religious fast day (Tsom Gedalia), at a time when the author knew that Mrs. Pollard would be keeping the mitzvah of fasting; and from the fact that questions addressed to Mr. Pollard, would needed to be translated to English and then relayed to him, nevertheless, a response to all of the questions was expected within 24 hours; it, therefore, seems clear that the author was not really interested in the Pollards' responses.

4) Under the circumstances, we insist that you reconsider your intent to publish this article. Publishing the article is likely to do great damage to a man who sacrificed himself in the service of the State of Israel, and as a consequence of which, he is about to begin his 25th year in an American prison, two months from now.

Be advised that my clients reserve all of the rights accorded to them by law to pursue this matter to the full extent of the law, should you, nevertheless, choose to go ahead with publication of this article.

Your truly,

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Esq.

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