Lindenstrauss hints US officials may have influenced Pollard judge Staff - The Jerusalem Post - September 16, 2009

J4JP: So what?! Irrelevant, old news! See J4JP comment following the text below.

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss on Wednesday elaborated on one of his office's findings of a study recently carried out on the case of Jonathan Pollard which cited the "fierce and consistent" opposition of US administration officials to the convicted spy's release.

"There was a meeting between heads of the US administration who spoke to the judge on the eve of the sentencing," Lindenstrauss told Army Radio. "The question is whether the meeting influenced the sentence handed down to Pollard."

Pollard was arrested on November 21, 1985, and convicted of spying for Israel. His handlers worked for the Office for Scientific Relations, which was a front for a spy organization operated by the Ministry of Defense. He was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995 and recognized by the government as an Israeli agent in 1998.

Dan Izenberg contributed to this report,

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J4JP Comment: So what?!

Lindenstrauss' so-called "new revelation" that US officials may have influenced Pollard's judge is not new, and it is not news! It is ancient history that cannot be acted upon in any manner to bring relief to Jonathan Pollard. So in effect, it is totally irrelevant.

Jonathan Pollard is completing his 24th years in prison for his activities on behalf of Israel. Any discussion of the past history of the possible corruption that occurred within the American system to facilitate the perversion of justice for Jonathan Pollard, is not only a dead-end street, it is counterproductive and deeply misleading.

Lindenstrauss' repeated attempts to deflect responsibility from the government of Israel do not change the fact that Jonathan Pollard's release remains the sole responsibility of the government of Israel.

Lindenstrauss' statements and his official report on the Pollard case deliberately obscure the fact that it is up to Israel. Not up to Jonathan. Not up to the US. Securing Jonathan Pollard's release is Israel's sole responsibility -- one that it has calculatedly ignored for more than 2 decades!

Troubling questions arise out of the Lindenstrauss report. Why is the State Comptroller apparently so determined to convince the public that a legal solution to Jonathan Pollard's plight exists? He knows full well that this is not true. Jonathan has exhausted all possible legal remedies. So why is Lindenstrauss peddling ancient history and irrelevant information as if it were hot news, and implying that these irrelevancies may help Jonathan?

Yet the thing the public really needs to know, is what the Israeli State Comptroller isn't saying, and that is whose agenda is being advanced by this fake investigation -- this red herring? Whose interests are being served? It is clear that none of this government sham is intended to help Jonathan.