Response to "Your Grave Awaits"

Justice4JPnews - August 16, 2009

Prefacing Note:

Hal Savior of Tel Aviv forwarded the following emails to us, copies of his response to "Your Grave Awaits" His published correspondence with the blog author, well-known radio personality, Tamar Yonah, is insightful and well-written -- worth the time it takes to read and to think about. With his permission, we pass these commentaries on to you. Your comments are welcome. Write to us at [email protected].

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Hal Savior writes to IsraelNationalNews:

When the Heavenly Court asks about Pollard, what will YOU answer?

Dear Tamar Yonah,

You don't have to "watch trends" or "follow the headlines" -- All you ever had to do was follow the Pollard case. It has been the ultimate red flag to American Jewry and to Israel, burning before your very eyes for 25 years!

This red flag is a gift from HaShem. Even his name testifies to it! Yehonatan ben Malka ("G-d's gift, the son of the Queen") His survival is a miracle, one that repeats itself as every day he manages to beat the odds and stay alive.

When you stand before the Heavenly Court and you are asked what did you do to save your brother, Yehonatan ben Malka, What will you answer?

HaShem has waited 25 years for our generation to see if we have learned anything from the sale of Yosef HaTzadik, who only had his brother's best interests at heart.

Jonathan Pollard is approaching his 25th year in prison and the silence is deafening!

Making Aliyah and encouraging others to do so is great. But it is not enough.

The consummate test of this generation is the rectifying the sin of michirat Yosef (the sale of Yosef HaTzadik). What will you answer, when you are asked?

And if you haven't got an answer, what are you doing about it?!

Tamar Yonah responds to Hal Savior:

Hal, I don't do enough. And there are so many other causes where I also don't do enough. I wish i could, and that I had more energy, and that I had more power. What I can do, and have no excuse NOT to do is to pray for his release. And I remember him and pray every morning for the release of Yonaton Pollard, as well as our other missing soldiers, Gilad Shalit, Guy Hever, Ron Arad, Zachary Baumel, etc. etc.. However, since I don't hold any political power I can't do much more. However, if you can share with us what you do, maybe we can join you as well. Please feel free to use this comment section to post what you do so we can maybe do it too. Bless you for remembering our brother Yonatan (Jonathan) Pollard.

Hal Savior responds to Tamar Yonah

Caution! Heaven holds public leaders and personalities to a higher standard!

Public leaders, educators, those who can speak out, like yourself, Tamar, are held by Heaven to a higher standard. Those who have greater responsibilities also suffer greater consequences for failing to discharge them.

You have a bully pulpit and you write and talk about EVERYTHING under the sun, but when you are asked by a human being -- not by the Heavenly court --what you have done for Pollard, you respond patronizingly and dismissively! You say you are praying.

Worse, you diminish Pollard to one of a list of worthy causes that you wish you could do more for, but simply are too busy.

Tamar, Netanyahu says he is praying too. But it is his job to do a whole helluva lot more than pray!!!! However, ALL HE IS DOING, if anything, is praying. Just like you.

As an on-going active participant in the struggle for Pollard, I support the Jerusalem-based Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home, and take part in their activities, and am a constant donor of my time, energy and money. As a letter writer, and a constant lobbyist for Israel and for all of her captives, I do not limit my activities for Pollard to praying alone. Like you, I too pray for ALL of Israels shevuyim and nedarim, but I certainly do not lump Pollard [the only shavui we KNOW is alive, the only one that is in peril of his life every minute and we do not have to wonder about it] with all the others whose location we do not even know. Pollard is also the ONLY SHAVUI that the Rabbonim, the mekubalim, including Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu and Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri zt'l call the "Yosef HaTzadik of our generation" -- and you still don't think this issue deserves a little more of your time and attention, or your impassioned radio voice?!!!

Human being 'nothings' like me can be fobbed off by your response, Tamar, but you will not be able to so easily fob off the Heavenly court. After all, you are the one that pointed out, that your grave awaits you.

My question remains, what are YOU going to tell the Heavenly court when you are asked why you did nothing to save Pollard, when you were in a position to do so much more than just pray?

Having said that, let me point out:
G-d does not need our help to save Pollard. He gave us 25 years to get with the program and realize that what is happening to Pollard is really about us, about you and me, so that we would join the effort to save him. Why? Because via our participation to save Pollard, we end up redeeming and saving OURSELVES!!! Not Pollard.

Pollard will not be the Kaparah Hint (the atonement) for the Yidden (Jews) for much longer... and when he leaves America, B"H very soon, through G-d's open miracles, time will be up for all of us on this amazing mitzvah.

And when Pollard's merit no longer protects the Yidden (Jews) in Chutz L'Aretz (outside of Israel) or here in the Land, because that part of his mission is over, those of us who could open our mouths to "help" him but kept them shut, will reap what we have sown. Oy vavoy lanu (Woe to us!) if we have trashed this 25 year long mitzvah, or diminished it to nothing!

I strongly advise you, Tamar, and your loyal fans to really think about it.

Forget about how to fob off Hal Savior with a facile response. Think instead, what are YOU going to tell the Heavenly Court when you are asked about what you did for Pollard when you still had the opportunity to make a difference?

No reply necessary. Think instead.
Hal Savior, Tel Aviv (16/08/09)