Arrested for asking PM about Pollard

Justice4JPnews - August 6, 2009

Video: Interview with Karen Dub after arrest by police for asking PM about Pollard

Karen Dub, wife of Larry Dub [Jonathan Pollard's Jerusalem Attorney] was detained by police for hours after attempting to ask Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a question regarding Israel's efforts to free Jonathan Pollard. Police were violent and left her with bruises. INN TV interviewed Karen about the incident. In the video clip, you can see Karen approach PM Netanyahu. What you don't see is the police pouncing on her to arrest her and brutally whisking her away to the police station.

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  • Source

    : Israel National News [INN]TV
  • Language

    : English
  • Interviewee

    : Karen Dub
  • Time (min:sec)

    : 7:35