Speech at Israel Rally: Esther Pollard's Letter to President Obama

Justice4JPnews - June 3, 2009

Esther Pollard read the letter below today at a protest vigil outside of the American Consulate in Jerusalem.
The original copy was relayed to the consulate for delivery to the President.

To the Honorable Barack Obama,
President of the United States of America
Via Hand-delivery c/o US Consulate, Jerusalem

June 3, 2009 B"H

Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Mr. President,

Greetings of Peace from the Holy City of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish Nation! This is the city where the Holy Prophets of the Bible spoke in the name of the Almighty G-d of Israel, presenting to mankind what it is that G-d expects of us.

I am the wife of the captive, Jonathan Pollard, who has been languishing in an American prison for more than two decades. As a president who claims to be devoted to the pursuit of justice and righteousness, you will no doubt appreciate that there are a number of Biblical passages that seem to have been written for your illustrious visit to the region at this time.

For example, (Michah 6:8) "It has been told to you, O man, what is good, and what the Almighty does require of you: only to do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."

Or, (Isaiah 42:6-7) "I the Almighty have called you in righteousness, I will strengthen your hand and I will protect you; I will set for you a covenant for the people, for a light to the nations, to open the blind eyes; to remove a prisoner from the dungeon, and those who sit in darkness out of the prison-house."

Mr. Obama, your quarrel is not with Prime Minister Netanyahu, nor with the People of Israel. And it certainly is not with Jonathan Pollard. If you have a problem, it is with the will of the Almighty G-d of Israel.

G-d Himself instructs you (Isaiah 49:9): "To say to the prisoners: 'Go forth'; and to those who languish in darkness: 'Show yourselves." and (Isaiah 61:1)"To proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from bondage for the imprisoned..."

Mr. Obama, my husband Jonathan Pollard has now served more than 6 times the usual sentence for the offense he committed. After more than 2 decades of the harshest afflictions in prison, including 7 years in solitary confinement, it is time to release him, before it is too late for America to make amends before the Almighty G-d of Israel.

Senior American officials who have seen the secret files and the full record of the Pollard Case are all on record that there is nothing in the file to justify the Draconian sentence that Jonathan Pollard is serving. Former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, in an interview that he gave before his death in 2006, went on record that the Pollard case was in fact a "minor matter" which had been exaggerated out of all proportion to serve another agenda. Senator Dennis DeConcini, who was head of the Senate Intelligence Committee during the time that Jonathan was arrested, has been calling for Jonathan's release since 1996. James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, began stating years ago that 20 years is enough and Jonathan should be set free.

With all due respect to you, Mr. Obama, and in spite of the great friendship between our two countries, the fact remains that the United States of America, continues to hold Jonathan Pollard captive for political reasons only. After all, who are we to argue with Dennis Ross, when he writes in his book "The Missing Peace" that even as far back as 1998 at Wye, Jonathan Pollard should have been freed unconditionally, but was not released because he is too valuable to America as a "bargaining chip" against Israel! If this is not the definition of a political hostage, what is?!

Even though Appeals Court Justice Stephen Williams concluded that the Pollard case was a "fundamental miscarriage of justice," all attempts to bring the Pollard case back to court have been stonewalled or simply shut down. Pollard's own security-cleared attorneys are barred from access to the most basic documents in this case: portions of Jonathan's own sentencing docket.

Mr. Obama, G-d has seen fit to elevate you to the position of the head of the mightiest nation in the world, the President of United States of America; and to invest in you powers of clemency second only to His own. Mr. President, for the sake of Jerusalem, for the sake of the Land of Israel, and especially for your own sake, be aware of the will of G-d Almighty as expressed by the Prophets in His name, and again, I quote: "From Heaven did the Almighty look down upon the earth; to hear the groaning of the prisoner; to liberate those who are doomed to die." (Psalms 102:20-21).

Please take to heart the words of King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14): "The sum of the matter when all has been considered: Fear G-d and keep his commandments, for that is man's whole duty. For G-d will judge every deed - even everything hidden -whether good or evil."

Therefore Mr. Obama, "Let the groaning of the prisoner come before you; according to the greatness of your power; set free those who are condemned to die." (Psalms 79:11).

Set my husband, Jonathan Pollard, free and send him home now to the holy city of Jerusalem, the indisputable heart and soul of the Jewish Nation which dwells in Zion; the eternally united and indivisible capital of the Jewish State of Israel - and may G-d bless!

Yours truly,


Esther Pollard
Mrs. Jonathan Pollard

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