New Dry Bones: Our Prisoner Negotiations

J4JPnews - June 3, 2009

J4JP Comment

The new Dry Bones cartoon, "Our Prisoner Negotiations" is painfully PERFECT! Both Esther and Jonathan roared with laughter --Esther when she first saw it, and Jonathan when she read it to him, frame by frame. Judge for yourself, here it is:

J4JP comment continued...

Why did the Pollards find this toon so delightful?
Because, unfortunately, it is absolutely true.

Yaacov Kirschen has brilliantly and accurately intuited the truth and translated it visually with great impact.

Netanyahu has COMPLETELY turned his back on Jonathan Pollard. In fact, since the 1998 Wye Summit, Netanyahu has never voluntarily mentioned Jonathan Pollard's name in public, much less done anything to aid, or assist Pollard. NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE WYE.

And as for the myth that Netanyahu tried so hard for Jonathan at Wye, the truth is Netanyahu EXPLOITED Jonathan's situation at Wye in order to have a fig leaf to allow his government to release murderers and and terrorists with blood on their hands.

750 murderers were released after Wye as the "price" for Jonathan. Jonathan remained in prison.
For details see the Wye Double-Cross Page.

Bottom line: J4JP salutes Yaacov Kirschen and commend him for this very astute, insightful and accurate toon.

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