Esther Pollard to Speak at Israel Rally Wed., June 3 2009 opp. American Consulate

J4JPnews - June 1, 2009

On Wednesday, June 3rd 6 PM, Women in Green has organized a vigil in protest of US President Barack Hussein Obama's latest pressure against Israel to conform to its demand for settlement freezes in Judea and Samaria. Obama is scheduled to arrive the same day in Riyadh for talks with Saudi King Abdullah, before heading to Cairo to deliver a major policy speech to the Muslim world, scheduled for Thursday.

The list of speakers at the Wednesday rally includes Druze Likud MK Ayoub Kara, former Russian refusenik and Prisoner of Zion Yosef Mendelovich, and Esther Pollard, wife of captive Israeli agent, Jonathan Pollard.

Justice4JP and the Jerusalem-based Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home strongly urges encourage the public to come out and show support for Israel and for Jonathan Pollard.

Entitled "Obama, No You Can't," the rally will take place at 6pm in front of the U.S. Consulate on Jerusalem's Agron Street. Posters circulated by Women in Green tell Obama, "No you can't!" Below is a copy of the text:





Take the Land of the Bible Away from the People of the Bible!


Get the Muslim World to Stop Hating America by Selling Out the Jews!


Destroy Israel's Security for Worthless Promises and Agreements!

On the eve of President Barak Obama's trip to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, we will hold a

VIGIL in front of the US Consulate.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3rd at 6:00pm


With the participation of Members of Knesset, Rabbis, and public figures

Help us say it loud and clear: the "two state solution" is a crafty formula to ensure
the "final solution" to the State of Israel.

For Zion's Sake we will not be silent!

Women in Green - The Committee for a Jewish Shdema -
The Action Committees of Efrat-Gush Etzion-Kiryat Arba-Hevron - Vaad Mityashvei Shomron - Vaad Mityashvei Binyamin

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