Esther Pollard Denies Link to Barghouti Release Letter

Israel National News - April 24, 2009

( There is no connection between Israeli and American activists for Jonathan Pollard, and a group of Americans who have asked the Palestinian Authority to consider a deal to return him to Israel in exchange for the release of PA politician Marwan Barghouti, according to Pollard's wife Esther. Mrs. Pollard made the statement to correct a story that appeared in Ynet earlier on Friday, referring to the Jewish-Americans who made the proposal as Pollard supporters. Pollard is in the 25th year of serving a

life sentence

in an American high-security prison for passing classified information to Israel; Barghouti is serving five life sentences in an Israeli high-security prison for terrorist attacks that resulted in murders of Israeli citizens.

Mrs. Pollard told Israel National News that she spoke with her husband's supporters in America, who said they were not familiar with the letter detailing the proposal, which is not signed. She also noted Jonathan's continued opposition to such a deal, as presented in a


prepared for his 20th anniversary behind bars.

In addition, Mrs. Pollard had told Ynet that the price for releasing her husband was already paid, via the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in the Wye Agreement, without his agreement or approval. Taking a page from her husband's speech, she added, "There is no need to release any other terrorist. As long as the government of Israel fails to request Jonathan's release, the Americans are left with a wonderful bargaining chip that can be used time and again." She concluded, "The bottom line is that there is only one reason to free Jonathan it's a matter of simple justice and it's long overdue."

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