Twin Essays Dispel Worst Lies about Pollard

J4JPnews - April 1, 2009

Over the last 24 years, the fight for justice for Jonathan Pollard has been severely hampered by the constant, consistent, deliberate repetition of lies about the case by anonymous officials in both the US and Israel.

A willfully gullible media continues to swallow these lies without question and to regurgitate them, over and over again, making it increasingly difficult to dispel them.

Recently, two pernicious articles were published in the Jerusalem Post, one after the other, trumpeting many of the worst lies and canards of this more than two-decades-old case. In each instance, a Right of Rely essay was submitted and published.

Together, these two Right of Reply essays dispel the worst lies about the Pollard case.

Each essay was limited to no more than 1200 words. Despite their brevity, each essay packs a payload of critical information about the case. Each one stands on its own. But together, they provide a comprehensive rapid-read primer about the case.

The twin essays are recommended reading for anyone who wants to know the truth about the Pollard case, but does not have copious time for research. Here are links to the essays:

  1. Right of Reply: Not treason, not dual loyalty, but equal justice is the issue:
    by Esther Pollard, The Jerusalem Post

  2. Right of Reply: Not a security risk but a bargaining chip:
    by Esther Pollard, The Jerusalem Post

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