Audio: Pollard clemency campaign had every advantage, but one

Esther Pollard Interview on Radio Kol Chai

January 21, 2009

In an interview on Radio Kol Chai the day after President Bush failed to commute Jonathan Pollard's life sentence to time served, Esther Pollard told show host, Gideon Katz, that the Pollard clemency campaign had every advantage but one, and that was the one which ultimately caused it to fail. Pollard asked Katz if he could guess what critical advantage the Pollard campaign lacked. He was stumped, so Esther provided the background outlining an amazing behind-the-scenes operation complete with active public support and participation.

"So what was missing?" asked the show host.

"The support of the Government of Israel, " replied Esther Pollard. "We had every advantage in the world, but we had no support and no participation from the Government of Israel."

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  • Source

    : Radio Kol Chai
  • Language

    : Hebrew
  • Time

    (Min:Sec): 8:52

A detailed description of the interview and of Esther Pollard's comments is available in English in a J4JPnews release: Interview: Pollard clemency campaign had every advantage, but one