An Urgent Message From Nissan GanOr: Don't Give Up Now!

We can get our message across via the White House Switchboard

Justice4JPnews - January 12, 2009

Dear Friends,

In recent days, the White House has been using various excuses to shut down the Comment Lines, in an apparent bid to avoid having to deal with the volume of phone calls expressing concern about Jonathan Pollard. This is the last week before President Bush leaves office. We dare not be silent now!

We can still get the message to President Bush to "Free Jonathan Pollard now!" by dialing the main switchboard number:


and speaking with the operator.

I just called a few minutes ago, using the Israeli toll-free number. Here is how my own phone call went:

WH Operator:

White House. How may I direct your call?


I am calling about Freedom for Jonathan Pollard.

WH Operator:

The Comment Lines are closed.


But I would like to leave a message for the President to release Jonathan Pollard before he leaves office.

WH Operator:

I am sorry, the Comment Lines are closed until the next administration takes office.


Would you do me a favor and pass my message about freedom for Jonathan Pollard on, if you have the opportunity?

WH Operator:

OK. Thank you for calling the White House.

Please note that I mentioned the name

Jonathan Pollard

in every sentence I spoke to the operator. If enough people keep calling and the operators hear the name Jonathan Pollard over and over and over again, all day, every day, for as many days as President Bush remains in office, the calls will have an impact and the message will be heard:

Free Jonathan Pollard Now!

The main thing is to keep calling, no matter what!

Dial the White House main switchboard: 202-456-1414

From Israel the toll free number now connects automatically to the main switchboard.

When you reach the operator, be sure to indicate right off the bat: "I am calling about

freedom for Jonathan Pollard

", or something similar. Don't be discouraged and don't be dismayed. As long as the operator hears you say the magic words

"Jonathan Pollard"

your call is a success. Let's keep those calls coming!

Nissan GanOr is Chairman of The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home.