Tactic: CALL White House Main Switchboard 202-456-1414 for Jonathan Pollard

J4JPnews - January 12, 2009

After being swamped with calls last week, and even after hiring a pack of new operators to handle the volume, the White House phone lines were still overwhelmed at close of business on Friday.

J4JP has just learned that the White House plans to 'restore order', discouraging calls about Jonathan Pollard, by announcing that it is closing down comment lines until after the inauguration of the next President on January 20, 2009.

We encourage everyone
to keep calling for Jonathan Pollard,
but use to the main switchboard number:

As soon as the operator answers, say:

"This call is about Jonathan Pollard."

The words

"Jonathan Pollard"

must be in the first sentence that you speak to the operator.

When the operator tells you that the comment lines are closed until January 20th, then politely ask the operator to please pass the message on to Mr. Bush anyway:

"Free Jonathan Pollard now!"

Even if the operator refuses to pass the message on, the message is clear and will be reported if enough calls like this occur.

Again: If the main switchboard operators get a large volume of calls about Jonathan - even when the comment lines are closed, the message

"Free Jonathan Pollard now"

will reverberate throughout the White House regardless!

Don't give up!
Keep those calls coming!

Call the White House for Jonathan Pollard!

DIAL the main switchboard only:
202-456-1414 Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EDST

From Israel, call toll-free
(this will automatically reach the WH main switchboard):

Israel Time: 4 PM to Midnight

As soon as the operator answers say: "This call is about JONATHAN POLLARD!"

Then leave the operator with the message: "Free Jonathan Pollard Now!"