Pollard sues Israel for claiming that he is getting money from the state

Israel Insider staff - August 4, 2008

Imprisoned Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard, completing his 23rd year of a life sentence in the United States for his service to Israel, is filing a Lawsuit in Tel-Aviv District Court seeking Declaratory Relief.

Pollard's lawsuit aims to prove that he and his wife, Esther, have never received any money whatsoever from the State of Israel from the day of his arrest to the present.

In his lawsuit Pollard states that, from the outset, neither he nor his wife are interested in receiving money from the State and that his sole purpose in bringing suit against the Government of Israel is to put an end to lies which he claims have undermined the public struggle for his release.

Pollard is represented by attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of "Shurat Hadin ? Israel Law Center", and attorney Roy Kohavi.

Pollard has in the past asked the State to provide a detailed accounting of the funds they claim they are providing to him and his wife. The requests for information made to the Prime Minister's office were declined based on "the individual's right to privacy", "sensitivity issues", and "for fear it will harm Pollard's own good and Israel's efforts to assist him".

The lawsuit reveals, for the first time, a letter from then-Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak to MK Rehavam Zeevi, which states unequivocally that the State of Israel does NOT give any money to Pollard and does not have a bank account for him.

According to Pollard's attorney, attorney Darshan-Leitner, "the State is throwing sand in the public's eyes and is shamelessly lying to the court when it claims it financially supports Pollard and his wife. The state cannot go on deceiving the public by making it believe that it does anything for Pollard. Not only did the State abandon Pollard for 23 years, it also has the audacity to lie about it. If the State ever gave one shekel to Pollard or his wife -- let it prove it! We know the truth, and it will come to light in the courtroom."

According to Esther Pollard, "This week, it is Jonathan's 54th birthday. Had the State of Israel made the slightest effort, Jonathan would be here, celebrating his birthday at home in Jerusalem. Instead, he is 'celebrating' by being forced to sue the State of Israel to try to stop the campaign of lies it is waging against him."

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