Video News Item: English Text: "Jonathan could be here for Leil HaSeder"

Shimon Cohen - Arutz7 Hebrew News - April 11, 2008
Translated to English by J4JP - released April 21, 2008

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Esther Pollard continues to accuse the Prime Minister's office of disseminating lies which claim that she and Jonathan are receiving financial assistance and full support. "The Prime Minister's office is spreading lies to the Israeli public, claiming that Jonathan and I are receiving 'full support in every possible respect.' This is an utter lie. In the

23 years

Jonathan has been in prison, neither Jonathan nor I have ever received a single cent."

Currently, Pollard hopes that the investigation by the State Comptroller will clarify what has become of large sums of money which the Prime Minister's office claims it has given to the Pollard family, but which they never received. According to Esther, the money for Jonathan's salary and for support for the last 23 years which they never received, is, relatively speaking, an inconsequential sum for the Government, but is likely just the tip of the iceberg of Government financial malfeasance which may be revealed by investigating where the money has disappeared to, and this is the reason that the Prime Ministers office and entourage are so opposed to the State Comptroller's investigation.

In a letter sent from his jail cell to Olmert, Pollard demanded a full accounting of the money which has disappeared. "As soon as the PM's office learned that Jonathan's letter had been released publicly, they began to panic. It took no time at all for the headlines to appear claiming that the Comptroller's investigation would torpedo Pollard's release. Olmert and the people around him very much fear what Lindenstrauss' investigation is likely to uncover."

Esther Pollard called official statements that the President may free her husband as a gesture for Israel's 60th anniversary, "annoying". "If Israeli officials want this to happen, they have to do more than just 'hope' for it! Ordinary citizens can 'hope' but it is up to the Government to do what needs to be done to make it happen, and that is not occurring. Olmert and his government undermine and sabotage every opportunity to secure Jonathan's release."

Pollard refers to the Government's fear as stated above, that the day may come that Pollard is home and will ask for what is owed to him and it will shine a light on all the years of Government financial malfeasance that her husband's case was a part of. "The government's over-reaction to Jonathan's letter testifies to the extent of their fear."

"In a month from now, the State of Israel is going to welcome President Bush, the man who is holding my husband captive for 23 years in America. No one pays any attention to the fact that Jonathan has been a captive in America for nearly 40% of all of the years that the State of Israel has existed. Where is our sense of national honor? Our sense of national pride? How can we be willing to sing and dance and celebrate with the man who is holding Jonathan captive, without even asking for his release?"

Pollard utterly rejects all claims that there are secret initiatives for her husband's release. She quotes Jonathan as saying, "If I knew that Israel were really trying to secure my release but failing, I could accept it; but knowing that they are not even trying is absolutely unacceptable."

In the meantime, until something changes, perhaps it will be because of the Comptroller's investigation, or perhaps because of a miracle which Esther is hoping for, something may bring Jonathan home to Israel very soon. "Jonathan," she says, "could easily be home for Leil HaSeder."

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