Esther Pollard Guest of Honor March 2nd at Jlem Municipality Event

All Women of Jerusalem invited to attend this exciting evening!

J4JPnews - February 24, 2008
Source: City of Jerusalem Media Release and Display Ads
[Translated to English by J4JP]

Special Event: L'Yerushalyim Mizmor - A Song of Praise for Jerusalem

The Municipality of Jerusalem Heritage Department
Cordially Invites the Women of Jerusalem
To Special an Evening of
Women's Prayer and Song.

Featuring The Women's Klezmer Band Chava
Michal Raht: Drums
Dana Avitar: Base Guitar
Orit Orbach: Clarinet
Orit Ducler: Clarinet and Band Management

Singers: Adi Arad - Naomi Taplo - Rachel Vilner - Simi Hibsh
And the Chen Women's Choir from Matnas Romema

Guest of Honor: Mrs. Esther Pollard

Blessings: Mrs. Mina Fenton, Jlem City Council Member
Mrs. Zahava Bazak, President of Emunah Women

The program will take place B"H on Sunday the 25th of Adar l, 5768
The 2nd of March 2008
At 8:00 PM
At the Gerard Behar Center Auditorium
Rechov Betzallel 11

Tickets are 40 NIS* and can be obtained at the following ticket outlets:
B'Yamot - 02-623-7000
Klaiim - 02-622-2333
Or at the box office on the night of the event.

* NB: All proceeds to The Municipality of Jerusalem

See Also: L'Yerushalim Mizmor Display Ad [Hebrew] published by the Jerusalem Municipality: JPEGPDF