Transcript Excerpt [English Translation]: Marking the close of 22 years in prison
From Esther Pollard's Interview on Kol Yisrael Radio, Reshet Bet

Transcribed by J4JP
Released November 18, 2007 - The 8th of Kislev 5768


Today's date, 8 Kislev 5768, according to the Hebrew lunar calendar corresponds to the Gregorian date of Jonathan Pollard's arrest 22 years ago, November 21, 1985. This day marks the completion of

22 years

in prison. Liat Regev, talk show host for "Inyan Acher [Another Matter] interviewed Esther Pollard today in Hebrew on Israel's national radio station, Reshet Bet, Kol Yisrael. The full interview can be audited in Hebrew on the J4JP audio page. The following quotes by Esther, which were excerpted from the interview and translated to English by Justice4JP, give English readers a sense of what was said.

Esther Pollard:

I would like to share with you what is in my heart on this dark day. As you are probably aware, tomorrow Prime Minister Ehud Olmert plans to hold a vote in the cabinet to respond to the American demand that Israel free some 500 terrorists as a gesture to Abu Mazen.

Truth be told, I believe that there is not a single Israeli citizen who can explain just how the release of hundreds of murderers of women and children is supposed to advance the cause of peace but let's put that question aside for the moment.

More to the point: today, when my husband, who worked as an Israeli agent, in the service of the State of Israel and on its behalf, begins his 23rd year in prison, I want to ask: where are Israel's leaders? Is there not a single MK, not a single Minister with even a bit of integrity, with even the slightest moral conscience, or even a modicum of intellectual honesty? How is it that there is not a single Israeli official to stand up and declare:

No way, will the murderers go free while Pollard remains in prison! No way will we allow the United States to dictate to us to free the murderers of women and children, while the Prime Minister fails to pound on the table and insist: "Don't even begin to talk to us about making any more gestures! First free Pollard!


This is Israel's badge of shame!

Does Israel deserve to be treated with less respect than Abu Mazen? And, after 22 years in prison, does Jonathan not deserve, according to the way the Americans think, at least the same consideration as Palestinian murderers who have been in prison only few years?!

Where is our sense of national honor? Where are our leaders? I want to ask Eli Yishai; I want to ask Avigdor Lieberman, and Rafi Eitan, and even Binyamin Netanyahu - they all claim to care so much about my husband's release - if you do not speak out against this travesty, do you really expect anyone to regard you as a leader? As people worthy of serving as ministers and officials on behalf of the State of Israel?

The truth of the matter is, cynicism and treachery by those in government has reached such proportions that I would not be surprised if my own outcry goes unanswered...

What gives me the strength to continue on is the knowledge that the world is not hefker (ownerless). There is a G-d in Heaven; and those who believe that they can sit on their (Knesset) seats forever, without morals, without conscience and without values, are going to find out some day that they were sadly mistaken. I hope that the Nation of Israel, and my husband among them, will merit to see that day, very soon!

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