The Tovia Singer Show: Interview with Esther Pollard on Jonathan's 8,000th day of Incarceration

The Betrayal of Jonathan Pollard Continues

Israel National Radio - October 18, 2007

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    : Israel National Radio
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    (mins:secs): 23:00

In an interview marking the 8,000th day of Jonathan Pollard's incarceration in an American prison for his activities on behalf of the State of Israel, popular INN talk show host,Tovia Singer, interviews Jonathan's wife, Esther Pollard. Esther reviews the case and makes some startling revelations. She points out that recent claims by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and PM Shimon Peres that the State of Israel is currently engaged in secret contacts with the American administration to secure the release of Jonathan Pollard after 22 years are simply not credible. First of all says Pollard, it does not take 22 years to secure the release of one captive; especially a captive who is held by our closest ally; especially a captive for whom Israel has already paid for in full (at Wye in 1998 with the release of 750 Palestinian terrorists with blood on their hands ); and especially a captive who has now served 22 years of a life sentence for an offense that has a median sentence of 2 to 4 years in prison. Pollard astutely points out that the Israel's prisoner swap wtih Hezbullah this week was a text-book case of how a release is actually sought and carried out. While the release is being arranged, not a word is heard in the media. Suddenly the release occurs, and only then is the media informed and the rest of the world learns about it. Pollard concludes that recent declarations in the media by Olmert, Peres and other Israeli officials about secret efforts to secure Pollard's release, is nothing more than self-serving PR. If it were true, explains Pollard, you would not hear a word about it, until Jonathan's release actually occurred.

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