Video Clip from Channel 2: Pollard: Peres not fit for presidency

This video clip was taken from the lead story on the Channel 2 evening news about the presidential race in Israel. It quotes Jonathan Pollard's letter to MKS explaining why Shimon Peres is unfit for the office of president. Pollard's letter bases itself on the 1987 Eban Commission Report, which documents Shimon Peres lies and damaging actions towards an Israeli agent in peril in order to save his own career and personal interests.

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  • Date:
  • June 4, 2007

  • Source:
  • Israel TV Channel 2, Prime Time News

  • Title:
  • Pollard: Peres not fit for presidency.

  • Language:
  • Hebrew

  • Details:
  • Lead item, 8 PM evening news

  • Length:(mins:secs):
  • 1:11

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