Video of US Ambassador Jones' Lies About Pollard with J4JP Comments

Justice4JP News - May 27, 2007

In his apology, the US Ambassador Richard Jones claims his statements about Jonathan Pollard were misinterpreted.

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to see the video of Jones as he is speaking about Pollard and you be the judge!

J4JP Comments:

1) Watch the video carefully, and you will see how astute the words of Israeli master cartoonist Yaacov Kirschen are, when he observed:

"The ambassador is saying that the anger is at the "friend" who "aided and abetted" Pollard. The "friend" Jones refers to is either "the Jews" or the Jewish State...We should be thankful to the ambassador for having set the record straight at last. Jonathan Pollard is not being punished. We are." [See

full text and cartoon.


2) Jones apologised for saying that the US had shown mercy in not executing Jonathan. Mercy? Jonathan was never facing the death penalty for the one count of passing classified information to an ally with which he was charged! More important, Jones did not apologize for falsely accusing Jonathan of treason, or for falsely accusing Jonathan of having taken money. These false charges are soundly contradicted by Jonathan's indictment and by his sentencing transcript, and most important of all by his formal recognition by Israel as her agent. [See "Refuting the Ambassador's Brazen Lies" for details.]

3) Justice4JP agrees with the analysis of Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Executive Vice President of the National Council of Young Israel, who recently wrote:

"I believe the case cannot be closed. The apology, as is, is still missing a correction of Jones' comments. His facts were wrong, he needs to admit that.

"If similar comments were made against an Arab Moslem or others, not of the Jewish religion, or perhaps not of the Caucasian race, such an apology would not be accepted and there could be rioting in the streets. We need to demand a full retraction, correction and perhaps an official inquiry into the sources of his information, from where his directive to respond with such lies originated from, etc.

At the same time, it is incumbent on the Israeli government to call in the ambassador and have him deliver a message to the White House, 22 years is enough. as James Woolsey, former head of the CIA, has been saying for months--he knows the pollard file and still he says 22 years is enough. Jonathan spied for an ally, a fellow democratic country and it is time, to let Jonathan free and go to Israel to live out his life. Jonathan has been remorseful, is quite ill and 22 years is enough!

We cannot be silent. it is up to the Jewish community to let the President know that this issue is important to us.

Rabbi Pesach Lerner
Executive Vice President
National Council of Young Israel

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