New Campaign: Don't Forget Us!

Tal Yamin Wolfowitz - Maariv NRG - October 18, 2006

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The Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home began a new campaign today, under the heading, "Don't Forget Us!" whose aim is to introduce a prayer for the welfare of Israel's captives and MIAs into the regular prayer services of all synagogues in Israel and worldwide.

For the first stage, the Committee is distributing a poster with the photographs of all the captives and MIAS against a background of the Israeli Flag emblazoned with the words, "Don't Forget Us!" A flyer-sized poster is being distributed with a special prayer for all of the captives and MIAs. (Click the links below to see the flyer and the prayer.)

Naphtali Maeir, one of the organizers of the campaign told NRG, "While there are some synagogues that do include a prayer for the captives and MIAs every Shabbat, our research has shown that there are many which do not do so yet. We feel that this is the absolute minimum that we should all be doing for those who served the security of the State and who have paid dearly with their freedom." He added that in the Jewish tradition prayer is not only to request help from Heaven, but it should also remind us that we too have to work to do our part to achieve the things we pray for.

The Committee for Pollard responded yesterday with outrage after Prime Minister Olmert read out the names of the "captive sons of the State of Israel" in his speech yesterday during the opening session of Knesset, and spoke of "The State of Israel's obligation to do everything in its power to return them home," but failed to mention the name of Jonathan Pollard. According to Adi Ginzburg, a spokesperson for the Committee, the omission of Pollard's name is an unforgivable breech. Ginzburg added that Pollard is an Israeli agent who was sent by the State and who acted under orders from the State; he is now in his 21st year of captivity for his activities on behalf of the State. "As if it were not outrageous enough that Olmert abandoned Pollard, now he is behaving as if Pollard does not even exist, and as if the State has no obligation to bring him home," said Ginzburg.

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