Farchan March from Gaza Joins Pollard Demo in Jerusalem

Justice 4JP Release - August 26, 2005

Simultaneous demonstrations calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard were held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv today August 26, 2005, under the banner of

"We will never disengage from Pollard!"

Nissan GanOr and Adi Ginzburg, heads of the Jerusalem -based "Committee" for Pollard, organized the demos to remind the public of PM Sharon's cynical exploitation of Pollard's plight prior to the Gaza disengagement to sell the immoral plan to an unwilling nation. After using hope of Pollard's release as a carrot on a stick to ram the disengagement through, Sharon continues to abandon the Israeli agent. For details see: Response to "Hope of Pollard's Release" in Yediot Today - J4JP release.

Avi Farchan who is among the original evacuees that Sharon expelled from Yamit 25 years ago, and who has recently been expelled again by Sharon, this time from Alei Sinai, led a several days long protest march to Jerusalem from Gaza. Farchan and his marchers arrived at the entrance to Jerusalem today, where they unexpectedly encountered the Pollard demonstration. Having much in common with Pollard who was expelled from the Embassy and then abandonned by the State, Farchan and his followers stopped their march and joined the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home in their demo calling for the immediate release of Pollard.

Pictured below:

The Jerusalem Demo - August 26, 2005
Nissan GanOr (left) and Avi Farchan (right)

Photo credit: Tzvia Singer

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