Pollard Petition Reveals Titles of Docs Provided to Israel

Justice4JP Release - August 15, 2005

Jonathan Pollard's attorney recently [August 14, 2005] filed a petition in Israel's Supreme Court, which for the first time reveals some of the unclassified titles of the documents which Pollard supplied to Israel and Israel returned to the U.S..

The petition specifically reveals the titles of those documents which the U.S. selected for use as evidence against Pollard.

[See list below.]

The unclassified titles of the evidence used against Pollard explode all the myths about what he supposedly gave to Israel and the damage he is alleged to have caused. *[See bolded section below for further explanation.]

The petition asks the Supreme Court to investigate the violation of a commitment that the U.S. made to Israel not to use the documents which Israel returned in the prosecution of its agent. The petition states that when the U.S. immediately used the documents against Pollard to coerce a guilty plea and to force him to accept a plea agreement, Israel never protested.

The petition establishes that for 20 years Israel has never protested that Pollard's sentence was obtained by the U.S. on the basis of


. Nor has Israel ever informed Pollard of the agreement or its violation by the U.S. so that he could use the information to defend himself.

Pollard's petition is based on the EBAN Commission Report - an official Israeli Government Document - which investigated the Pollard affair nearly 2 decades ago. The original report is classified, but MKs and others received an unclassified copy in 1987.

In the year 2000, Pollard obtained an unclassified Knesset version of the report from Minister of Tourism Rechavam Ze'evi, z"l. The EBAN Commission Report documents the commitment made by the U.S. not to use the returned documents against Pollard. [A copy of this report in is posted to the J4JP website. See section: The Decision to Cooperate with the U.S.]

Before turning to the High Court to force the Government to confront the U.S. about this violation and to demand his release because his sentence was obtained on the basis of inadmissible evidence, Pollard spent years quietly appealing to Israeli officials to act behind the scenes. All of Pollard's quiet appeals, right up to the time he met with the Ambassador in May of this year, fell on deaf ears in the Israeli government.

*The unclassified titles of the documents, which are exposed for the first time in the Pollard petition to Israel's Supreme Court, were part of a list of documents which Israel returned to the U.S. Most importantly, these documents (as cited below) are specifically those documents which the U.S. selected for use as evidence against Pollard.

In otherwords, these are the documents which the U.S. used as evidence to show the court the "damage" Pollard did. Pollard learned this and the titles from information he received via a Freedom of Information Act request, asking for the evidence the U.S. had used against him.

The titles of the documents show that they are all about war preparedness and weapons systems which were obtained by enemies of Israel, for use against Israel. The "damage" Pollard did to the U.S., as clearly shown by these exhibits, was to give Israel the ability to defend herself from enemies. None of the documents which the U.S. used as evidence against Pollard concerned American agents, codes, installations, war plans, troop dispositions, or programs. In fact, they were not about America at all!

Below is a list of the unclassified document titles included in Pollard's court petition. The titles raise troubling questions ancillary to those raised in Pollard's petition. Among them: Why was the U.S. so angry that Pollard let Israel know about the war capabilities and weapons systems obtained by her enemies? Why was the U.S. withholding this information, instead of sharing it with Israel, as it was obliged to according to a 1983 Memo of Understanding signed by the two nations? Did Pollard "damage" U.S. national security, as the Americans have claimed? Or, as these document titles show - and again these were the documents used as evidence against Pollard -

or did Pollard simply "damage" an American pro-Arab policy that preferred a weak Israel, deprived of vital information, and unable to defend herself?

Here are the titles. Judge for yourself:

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner filed the petition in Israeli Supreme Court today on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. Larry Dub is 'of counsel'.

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