Audio Interview: The Pollard Matriculation Campaign

Kol Yisrael Radio - June 1, 2005

INYAN ACHER (Another Matter) Radio Program interview with Adi Ginzburg of Noar L'Man Pollard; and Leah Rosenberg, Spokesperson for the Minstry of Education, about the Pollard matriculation campaign.

As a consequence of the refusal of Prime Minister Sharon and Education Minister Limor Livnat to respond to numerous requests to include Jonathan Pollard in the Israeli education curriculum, Noar L'Man Pollard is conducting the campaign. Students taking their Matriculation Exams in Math tomorrow 2 June 2005 are being asked to write the following message in the right hand side of their matriculation booklets:


"Sharon and Livnat, you failed the test. Abandoning an agent in the field, does not enter the equation."

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    Reshet Bet - Kol Yisrael Radio
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