Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger's Prayer for Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JP Release - September 28, 2004

The translation of the prayer composed by Israel's Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger for Jonathan Pollard appears below. The Chief Rabbi requests that every Kehillah (congregation) include this Mishberach for Jonathan Pollard in their Teffilot.

The Original Hebrew Text of this prayer (in PDF format) can be accessed and printed by clicking here.

The English Translation:

Prayer for Jonathan Pollard

May He who blessed our forefathers
Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaacov,
Moshe and Aharon, David and Shlomo
who did so much on behalf of the Nation which dwells in Zion.

May the Holy One Blessed-Be-He protect him and save him
from all anguish and distress and from all affliction and illness.
And speedily release him in complete freedom and grant him the merit to go up to Zion joyfully,
And bestow blessing and success upon all the work of his hands.
May he merit long life and may his years be blessed with abundant strength and peace.
For the sake of all of the congregation praying for him
and in this merit may the Holy One Blessed-Be-He bestow mercy upon him,
strengthen him, and end his distress.

Our Father in Heaven may it be Your will
that our prayers and requests come before Your merciful throne
And in the merit of the forefathers redeem the sons,
and realize for him the verse
"Take my soul out of confinement to praise Your name"
Speedily in our day, amain.

* * *

This prayer is made available to the public courtesy of the National Council of Young Israel.
Click here to go to the original prayer (in PDF format) in Hebrew.