Legal Doc: Court Order for Oral Arguments Schedule

United States Court of Appeals

No. 01-3103
September Term, 2003

Filed On: July 7, 2004

United States of America,


Jonathan Jay Pollard,

Consolidated with 01-3127, 03-3145


This case has been scheduled for oral argument on Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 9:30 AM before Circuit Judges Edwards, Sentelle and Henderson. The time and date of oral argument will not change absent further order of the Court.

It is


, on the court's own motion, that a briefing schedule be established as follows:

Appellant's Brief Tue, Sep 14 2004
Appendix Tue, Sep 14 2004
Amicus Curiae Brief Wed, Sep 29, 2004
Appellee's Brief Fri, Oct 29 2004
Appellant's Reply Brief   Fri. Nov 12 2004
Oral Argument Thu, Jan 13 2005
Because the briefing schedule is keyed to the date of argument, the Court will grant request for extensions of time limits for briefs or transcripts only for compelling reasons.

Parties are strongly encouraged to hand deliver their briefs to the clerk's office on the date due. Filing by mail may delay the processing of the brief. Additionally, counsel are reminded that if filing by mail, they must utilize the most expedient form of delivery. See Fed.R.App.Proc. 25(a). Briefs should be in final form. All briefs and appendices must contain the date that the case is scheduled for oral argument at the top of the cover. See D.C. Cir. Rule 28(a)(7).

A further order of the Court will be issued regarding the allocation of time for argument.

Appellant must raise issues and arguments in the opening brief. The Court ordinarily will not consider issues and arguments raised for the first time in the reply brief.


Mark J. Langer, Clerk

BY: Cheri Carter
Deputy Clerk