Document: Second Historic Petition by 112 MKs to Free Pollard

Petition Date:

July 21, 2003


October 28, 2003

The following petition was signed by every single member of every single Jewish Faction in Knesset including Arabs and Druse members of those factions. This document, and the one that preceded it a year ago, are historically unprecedented. In the history of the State of Israel, no other issue but the release of Jonathan Pollard has enjoyed such overwhelming support from the Knesset, and no other issue has ever cut across all political lines to so clearly reflect the National will.

The Knesset

Jerusalem 21 July, 2003
21 Tamuz, 5763

The Honourable George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

During the previous term of the Knesset, 110 out of a total of 120 Members of the Fifteenth Knesset signed a letter to you,) appealing for Jonathan Pollard's sentence to be commuted on humanitarian grounds.

We, the undersigned 112 members of the present, Sixteenth Knesset, are writing to ask you to reconsider this request.

Jonathan Pollard has now served seventeen years in prison during which time he has repeatedly expressed regret for his actions and pleaded for clemency. Surely after all this time, compassion and mercy might override other serious considerations.

The release of Jonathan Pollard would be perceived as a truly meaningful gesture during this period when such gestures are being sought to pave the way to peace in our region. This is a goal shared by both the united States of America and by Israel; by you personally, Mr. President, and by all of us, here.

Respectfully yours,

The undersigned Members of Knesset:


Reuven Rivlin

Likud Faction

  1. Eli Afalo
  2. Ruham Avraham
  3. Ronnie Bar-On
  4. Daniel Denloulou
  5. Naomi Blumenthal
  6. Zeev Boim
  7. Yuli Edelstein
  8. Jacob Edery
  9. Michael Eitan
  10. Gilad Erdan
  11. Gideon Ezra
  12. Gila Famliel
  13. Inbal Gavriely
  14. Michael Gorolovsky
  15. Tzachi Hanegbi
  16. Yehiel Hazan
  17. Abraham Hirchson
  18. Moshe Kahlon
  19. Ayoub Kara
  20. Haim Katz
  21. Yisrael katz
  22. Uzi landau
  23. David Levy
  24. Limor Livnat
  25. Tzippi Livni
  26. Lea Nass
  27. Dan Naveh
  28. Benjamin Netanyahu
  29. Ehud Olmert
  30. Michael Ratzon
  31. Reuven Rivlin
  32. Gideon Saar
  33. Silvan Shalom
  34. Ariel Sharon
  35. Omri Sharon
  36. Meir Sheetrit
  37. Marina Solodkin
  38. Yuval Steinitz
  39. Majallie Whbee
  40. Ehud Yatom

Shinui Faction

  1. Victor Brailovsky
  2. Ronny Brison
  3. Reshef Cheyne
  4. Chemi Doron
  5. Joseph Tommy Lapid
  6. Ilan Leibovitch
  7. Eti Livni
  8. Yehudith Maot
  9. Joseph IParitzky
  10. Mel Polishook-Bloch
  11. Avraham Poraz
  12. Ehud rassabi
  13. Eliezer Sandberg
  14. Ilan Shalgi
  15. Igal Yasinov

Labour-Melmad Faction

  1. Colette Avital
  2. Binyamin Ben-eliezer
  3. Eli Ben-Menachem
  4. Avraham Burg
  5. Eitan Cabel
  6. Isaac Herzog
  7. Dalia Itzik
  8. Michael Melchior
  9. Amram Mitzna
  10. Orit Noked
  11. Shimon Perez
  12. Ophir Pines-Paz
  13. Haim Ramon
  14. Avraham Shochat
  15. Shalom Simhon
  16. Ephraim Sneh
  17. Yuli Tamir
  18. Matan Vilna
  19. Danny Yatom

United Torah Judaism Faction

  1. Yisrael Eichler
  2. Moshe Gafni
  3. Yaacov Litzman
  4. Meir Porush
  5. Avraham Ravitz

Am Ehad Faction

  1. Ilana Cohen
  2. Amir Perez
  3. David Talv

National Union Faction

  1. Uri Yehuda Ariel
  2. Eliezer Cohen
  3. Arieh Eldad
  4. Benyamin Elon
  5. Zvi Hendel
  6. Michael Nudelaman
  7. Yuri Shtern

Meretz Faction

  1. Roman Bronfman
  2. Ran Cohen
  3. Zehava Gal-On
  4. Chaim Oron
  5. Yossi Sarid
  6. Avshalom Vilan

National Religious Party Faction

  1. Efraim Eitan
  2. Gila Finkelstein
  3. Itshak Levy
  4. Zevulun Orlev
  5. Nissan Slomiansky
  6. Shaul Yahalom

Shas Faction

  1. David Azoulay
  2. Shlomo Benizri
  3. Amnon Cohen
  4. Yitzhak Cohen
  5. Nisim Dahan
  6. Yacov Margi
  7. Meshulam Nahan
  8. Yair Peretz
  9. Yitzhak Vaknin
  10. Eliyahu Yishai
  11. Nissim Zeev

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