HaRav Moshe Ben-Tov's Nishmat Kol Chai Commitment Form

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The Segula


Nishmat Kol Chai is a song of praise and thanksgiving to HaShem. Saying it at any time brings great blessing to the individual and to the nation. It is a segula for health, livelihood; marriage; children; shalom bayit; prosperity; healing; protection from danger; and success in all endeavors.

For every trial or tribulation that may come upon a person, one should take it upon themselves to promise, with a wholehearted commitment, that when his deliverance comes and he is saved from that trial or tribulation, that he will say the song of praise Nishmat Kol Chai in thanksgiving and gratitude.

One should keep in mind that this is a promise, not a vow, and one should not make a bracha or invoke G-d's name when making this commitment. This is a time-tested and excellent segula that has helped many people.

If one will take it upon themselves to commit to saying Nishmat Kol Chai publicly, in front of 10 people, that is even more praiseworthy.

In order not to forget one's promise it is a good idea to write it out on a piece of paper and to retain it. [See suggested text below.]

It is a good time to say Nishmat Kol Chai after partaking of refreshment or a meal in keeping with the verse: "Sa'adaynee, Vih Evashayah." ( "Sustain me and I will be saved.")

It is also a good idea when taking this commitment to give tzedaka (charity) according to one's ability to do so; to learn Mishneh (oral Torah); or to read tehillim (psalms) and suchlike, to ensure success.

A Suggested Text:

Commitment Form for Nishmat Kol Chai

Name: Date: _____________________

Request [of Heaven]: _____________________________________________________________________



Without taking a vow, but with whole-hearted commitment, I promise, with the help of G-d Almighty, to fulfill all that is written on this page, and whatever I may add to it in the future. After my deliverance comes and I am rescued from my trouble, with the help of Hashem Yitborach, I will with a full heart, in my own voice and from my own mouth, thank the Almighty with praise and song and blessings to the Creator of the World by saying the blessing and song of praise Nishmat Kol Chai in front of 10 __________________(men/ women) or in front of ____________________(number) of people.

I will make a Seudat Hodaiya (a special meal of thanksgiving to Hashem) _____________________________________________(detail); or serve light refreshments _________________________________________________ (detail).

I will give ______________(amount of money) to tzedaka (charity).

I will light a candle in the merit of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess zt"l or in the merit of ___________________________________(Tzadikim).

I will read the following psalms ___________________________________________________.


Witnesses:_________________________________       ______________________________________

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