Any Questions About Jonathan Pollard?

Emanuel A. Winston - News From Eretz Yisrael - June 15, 2003

President Bush issued a "request" through Colin Powell of the U.S. State Department to Sharon to make a specific gesture to the Arab Palestinians before the Bush-Sharon-Abbas Summit in Aqaba.

The choice was 100 imprisoned Terrorists but the special price for Abbas and Arafat was Ahmad El-Sukar, the so-called refrigerator bomber who murdered 14 people including a 35 year old American woman, Rivka Ben-Yitzhak, with a bomb in the motor of an abandoned refrigerator in Zion Square, Jerusalem on July 4, 1975. He maimed 60, including two Americans.

FOX NEWS expressed surprise and annoyance that the killer of two Americans was released. Clearly, they did not know that the pressure to release Arab Terrorist prisoners started with President Bush and the U.S. State Department. (Let's notify FOX NEWS.)

Sukar should be indicted and extradited to America under the terms of the U.S.-Israel extradition treaty - but Bush didn't ask . If the Israeli government cannot mete out justice to this murderer of Israelis and Americans, then the U.S. government must. Recall that when this President was Governor of Texas he rarely commuted any death sentence for murder. Otherwise, Sukar, a convicted killer, will return home to Tumas Aya, the village next to Shilo where the Arabs used to live in peace with the Israelis.

What is interesting in the Bush demands to Israel is that he was perfectly willing to have released a well-documented killer but he refuses to pardon Jonathan Pollard who warned the Israelis that Iraq was accumulating WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) including Gas, Chemicals and Biological weapons to attack Israel.

What's even more tragic is that Arik Sharon could have asked for Pollard in trade for the 100 released Palestinian Terrorist prisoners.

This information, so vital to Israel, was known by then Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and Naval Secretary Admiral Bobby Ray Inman. But, it was deliberately withheld from Israel despite a standing MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), approved by numerous Presidents and the American Congress, between America and Israel to sustain Israel's defensive superiority against the combined hostile Arab countries. Weinberger and Inman sustained a long-lasting hate and resentment against Pollard and Israel because he gave Israel this knowledge and exposed their perfidy.

In essence, the intelligence agency of the Navy and the CIA were instructive to ignore the orders of our Presidents and Congress but, Weinberger and Inman were never indicted for disobeying a President's orders. Pollard broke his agreement to hold this vital information by informing the Israelis of Saddam's weapons' development but Weinberger and Inman defied the orders of their Commanders-in-Chief.

I urge you to read John Loftus' well-researched piece from Moment Magazine, June, 2003, "The Truth About Jonathan Pollard" which proves that Jonathan Pollard was not the culprit who exposed our spy rings in the Soviet Union but, rather the long term moles in the CIA, Aldrich Ames and Richard Hanssen were the ones responsible for the murder of perhaps as many as ten American agents. But, someone had to be blamed for the lapse of security which allowed CIA moles to kill off the well-placed American agents in the Soviet Union.

In order to advance his political run in 2004, President Bush has set in motion the forces to release hideous killers from their prisons into Israel. It is shameful that Arik Sharon caved into George Bush on this matter but he is being slammed by TV News for doing so.

However, when asked to release Jonathan Pollard, the Bush family, the Arabist State Department, the Justice Department (first under Janet Reno and then Ashcroft) went ballistic. "Release Pollard? Don't be silly! He might speak about Caspar's connections to the Saudis. He might speak about the connections of George Herbert Walker Bush as Director of the CIA to the Saudi Arab oil sheikhs or the secret deals cut with Saddam for which then President George Herbert Walker Bush issued a waiver (a pre-pardon) for any of his Cabinet who may have been doing business with Saddam Hussein before the Gulf War. Of course, this would hide any transfers of technology for weapons of mass destruction, even if they were NBC (Nuclear, Biological or Chemical). This, too, was published when Saddam released a list of the companies and countries who secretly supplied him with these illegal weapons.

So now, let us ask President George Dubya Bush to issue a Presidential dictum releasing Jonathan Pollard to time served - now 18 years and growing.

How about it, George? If you can have 100+ terrorists released, including SuperTerrorists with Jewish and American blood on their hands, you can certainly release one American who carried out the terms of the American MOU with Israel - even if his exposure of Saddam's poison gas capability was illegal, look how many lives he saved by having the Israelis prepare gas masks, baby tents and sealed rooms before the 1991 Gulf War called Desert Storm.

What do you say, Mr. President?

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