Urgent Tisha B'Av Message from HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu
Re: Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JP Release - July 5, 2002

During this grave time of introspection leading up to our national day of mourning, Tisha B'Av, His Eminence HaRav Mordecai Eliyahu, former Chief Rabbi of Israel has instructed Justice4JP to issue a reminder to the Jewish world that the Mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim (redemption of a captive) devolves upon Jonathan Pollard and that it is the duty of all Jews without exception to seek Jonathan's immediate release with all means at their disposal.

HaRav Eliyahu has instructed J4JP to recirculate the following letter to Jonathan Pollard's attorney, Larry Dub, as a reminder to all:

Ha Rav Mordecai Eliyahu on Pollard and The Mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim

(Translated from Hebrew)

B"H Mordecai Eliyahu
Former Chief Rabbi of Israel and Rishon Letzion

B"H The 3rd day of the sidra "And he sent forth the dove"
Tishrei 27, 5758 - October 28, 1997

To The Dear and Honorable Gentleman, Attorney Larry Dub, who is occupied with and engaged in seeking the release of The Honorable Gentleman Jonathan Pollard, may G-d watch over him and protect him.

In response to the question that others have asked you, namely whether the mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim (the redemption of a captive) is relevant in the case of the above-named (Jonathan Pollard).

Those who ask, should themselves be asked how it is that they could have any doubt. It should be clear that this is a great mitzvah and it is the obligation of all the nation of Israel no matter where they may be, to do everything that they can to assist and to aid with all of their strength and all of their means to work to extricate and free the Honorable Gentleman Jonathan Pollard, may G-d watch over him and protect him, who sacrificed himself for the good of and in order to save all of the nation of Israel.

The mitzvah of Pidyan Shvuyim devolves upon him and it is obligatory for all of the nation of Israel, both in the land of Israel and in the Diaspora, to exploit every way to influence those who have the power to release him from prison and set him free.

May it be that we shall merit to see him here in the land of Israel speedily and soon. Amain Ken Yihi Ratzon!

With Blessing,

Mordecai Eliyahu

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