The Anthrax Road Leads Toward Saddam

James Patterson - The Indianapolis Star - December 22, 2001

The current line from Washington is that the anthrax pestilence responsible for killing five people and making millions more anxious about the daily mail may have been home-grown.

A White House spokesman says evidence indicates that the anthrax may have originated from a domestic source. But spokesman Ari Fleischer came across as less than convincing.

"We're still looking," said Fleischer. "We've all got different feelings about it. We're gathering as much information (as possible)." Though he promised information about the probe would be released at the appropriate time, there is no reason to expect that investigators will be any closer to an answer next month.

Put simply, if they are looking for the source of the anthrax terror campaign in the United States, they are probably looking in the wrong place. A growing number of terrorism experts, from acclaimed consultant and author Yossef Bodansky of the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies to former Israeli intelligence operative William Northrop to author Elliot Goldenberg, say they have good reason to believe the road lined with anthrax spores leads straight to Baghdad.

Indeed, if the anthrax came from Saddam Hussein's suspected biochemical weapons program, which Goldenberg believes was aided by the U.S. government to offset the spread of radical Islamism, primarily from Iran, then the U.S. is unlikely to have the will to do anything about it.

Here's why. CNN reported a few days ago that former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said if the U.S. persists in maintaining its alliance with Israel, it risks "starting World War III."

Despite what Islamic countries indicate publicly, "Anti-Jewishness and anti-Judaism constitute a major political instrument in the hands of both state governments and Islamic terrorist organizations to mobilize the entire region for the destruction of Israel -- irrespective of diplomatic treaties, including the current peace process," Bodansky wrote.

It's the same line of information that U.S. Naval Intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard warned the Israelis about over and over again in the mid-1980s. Though the files that Pollard passed to Israel are still classified, he is the reason the Israeli public began building sealed rooms and stocking gas masks.

Instead of constructing nuclear bomb shelters, as were common in the U.S. during the Cold War, Israeli citizens began building air-tight rooms when documents that Pollard smuggled to their government showed Iraq was steeped in developing weapons of mass destruction.

Pollard, a Jew who grew up in South Bend, felt compelled to furnish Israel with intelligence vital to its security because higher-ups in U.S. intelligence were withholding the information, in spite of the 1983 U.S.-Israel Exchange of Information Agreement. The documents included satellite photos detailing Iraq's burgeoning biochemical weapons program.

"It was Pollard's information, according to my sources, that caused Israel to be on alert over what Saddam Hussein had and was ready to use," said Goldenberg, author of The Hunting Horse. "By the way, the Scuds (missiles) that landed in Tel Aviv were not carrying biochemical weapons. And I believe maybe some of them (that landed) in Saudi Arabia did have biochemical warheads."

If true, that means American GIs who fought during the Gulf War were exposed to biochemical weapons, which Pollard received a life sentence for warning the Israeli government about years earlier.

As everyone knows by now, Pollard was right about Iraq's budding biochemical weapons program. According to The New York Times, in August 1998, United Nations weapons inspectors discovered evidence that Iraq had at one time nearly 200 missiles and bombs with various biochemical warheads, including Botulinum toxin, Aflatoxin and anthrax.

Before scurrying out of town Thursday for Christmas, the House, in a joint resolution passed 392-12, demanded that Iraq allow weapons inspectors back in. Don't hold your breath.

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