Pollard Never Caused Deaths

The NY Daily News - Published December 3, 2001

Manhattan: Karen Hunter's Nov. 27 column, "Rev. Al to Fight for Pollard?" had a sub-heading, saying that Jonathan Pollard's "Spying Led to U.S. Deaths." That is false. Mr. Pollard never identified U.S. agents, and there is no evidence whatsoever that any U.S. agent died as a result of information delivered by Mr. Pollard to the State of Israel.

Last year, former prosecutor Joseph diGenova told NBC's Tim Russert that Mr. Pollard had identified U.S. "agents in the field." When we demanded evidence of that, Mr. diGenova candidly conceded to us in writing that this was merely his "opinion."

A major reason why Jonathan Pollard is still in jail after sixteen years is that his adversaries have leaked speculation, opinion, and outright falsehood to the press as if it were fact.

Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman
The writers are lawyers for Jonathan Pollard.

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