Ha Rav Mordecai Eliyahu's Heartfelt Letter
to President George W. Bush

Justice4JP Release - September 17, 2001

[Translated from Hebrew]

Mordecai Eliyahu
Former Chief Rabbi of Israel and Richon LeZion

September 16, 2001 B"H
28 Elul 5761

The Honorable George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. President,

Peace and blessings upon you from Jerusalem!

Firstly, allow me to express my heartfelt sorrow at the immense tragedy that has been perpetrated upon the American people by wicked evildoers, so utterly devoid of conscience and compassion, that it is difficult for the lips to utter and words are simply inadequate to express.

I would also like to extend from Jerusalem heartiest condolences to the bereaved families in their hour of grief. "May no further sorrow befall you." (Jeremiah 31:12). And for those who have been injured may "The Almighty send them His message of healing and relief." (Psalms 107:20).

Mr. President, I would like to offer you my praise and my support for your plan to convene a world alliance of nations to work together to fight terror (not only in words but also in deeds). I believe that if the honored President will pursue this plan, it will certainly help.

Those who commit suicide while committing acts of terror rely on religious edicts and believe that their actions gain them instant entry into Heaven and everlasting pleasure in the Garden of Eden. It is therefore imperative, Mr. President, that you call upon all world religious leaders not only to openly condemn all suicidal acts of terrorism but also to issue religious edicts that forbid this. They must make it clear to all of their followers that if one does commit suicide and harms others in the process, he will have no place in Paradise, but rather will be damned to the furthest depths of Hell in the World of Truth.

If the honorable President will do all of the above, it will be a strong deterrent and a basis for preventing such acts of terror in the future.

Before closing, allow me to take this opportunity to point out that we are on the eve of the Jewish New Year. I would like to request at this time that you extend mercy and compassion to all of Israel by immediately commuting the sentence of Jonathan Pollard. He has been severely punished, is suffering greatly, and releasing him now is the right thing to do. In doing this just act Mr. President, you would demonstrate both strength and leadership in the world arena and the Almighty will surely bless you in all of your endeavors.

The President of the United States and the American people are renown for their kindness and compassion. May the Almighty assist you now in overcoming all of your trials and may He bless you and return the nation to a state of peace, prosperity, and strength.

With blessings,

(signed) Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu
Richon LeZion and former Chief Rabbi of Israel

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