What They Have Never Done for Jonathan Pollard

Justice4JP Release - August 22, 2001

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Massive New York Rally To Support Israel

, The Jerusalem Post, August 22, 2001 - illustrates what Israel and the American Jewish leaders can accomplish - when they want to. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will deliver the key note address at the New York rally. Organizers are planning similar rallies in other major centers in the US and Canada to be held during the same time period.

Because the rallies are timed to concur with the period of the Jewish High Holidays, this would be the most auspicious time for the issue of Jonathan Pollard to be raised and for the Prime Minister, backed by the American Jewish leaders, to press for his release.

There are no plans to include the issue of Jonathan Pollard in the rally. Nor are any activities planned by either the American Jewish Community or the Government of Israel to assist Jonathan Pollard, now, in September, or at all.

The massive efforts that the American Jewish leaders and the Government of Israel recently made to secure a pardon for criminal billionaire fugitive, Marc Rich, have never been made for Jonathan Pollard. Leaving Pollard out of the plans for this upcoming event in September - especially after the Rich pardon scandal - just underscores the moral bankruptcy of the Jewish/Israeli leadership. The same moral bankruptcy that now threatens to bring the entire nation to the brink of disaster.

Massive New York Rally To Support Israel

Melissa Radler- The Jerusalem Post - August 22, 2001

As Israelis mark one year of Palestinian terror and international condemnation, US Jewish leaders are mobilizing to bring together 100,000 Israel supporters to rally for the Jewish state in Manhattan next month.

Sponsored by the United Jewish Communities, the September 23rd "Israel NOW Solidarity Rally" has the backing of dozens of Jewish groups spanning the political and religious spectrum.

"Israel has never been as isolated or as threatened, and as a Jew, I must stand by Israel. As a Jew, I must never allow Israel to be alone," said Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel at a press briefing yesterday about the rally.

The rally's turnout, he said, is a "test for the American Jewish community" on whether it is willing to stand up en masse for Israel, and he said that a turnout of less than 50,000 would be a "mark of shame."

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