Congress to Question Barak on Marc Rich

Nitzan Horowitz - Ha'aretz - March 9, 2001

WASHINGTON - Not entirely unlike the case of Bill Clinton, the shadow of the former president's pardon to fugitive Jewish billionaire Marc Rich hovered over Ehud Barak yesterday, as he left office.

U.S. Congressmen who are investigating the pardon to Rich want Barak to verify Clinton's account. Clinton's aides have testified that Barak spoke four times to Clinton on Rich's behalf, and that his requests were crucial in the president's calculations. Yet one sources close to Barak told wire services that the Prime Minister's brought up Rich only in an incidental way while speaking with Clinton. Other sources have claimed that Barak only spoke once to Clinton about a pardon for Rich, who has been living in Switzerland since 1983 when he was indicted on charges including trading with Iran when it was an enemy state and evading $48 million in taxes.

In the next few days, the committee of Congressional investigators will send a list of questions to Barak.

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