Exposé: Using Pollard To Get Rich

Yediot Achronot Exclusive Investigation

Justice4JP Release - February 23, 2001

The English translation of the complete Yediot Achronot (02/23/01) exclusive investigation of the role of Ehud Barak, the Israeli Government, and top Israeli officials in the Marc Rich pardon scandal is coming to the Justice4JP Web site.

Yediot's 7DAYS Weekend Supplement front page promo of the expose, "Using Pollard To Get Rich" reads:

Mark Rich, the millionaire fugitive from American law and one of the largest American donors in Israel, had his people direct the key task of securing a pardon for him to the Prime Minister of Israel: Barak was asked to link the clemency request of the Israeli spy, Pollard, to that of Rich. Clinton, they reasoned, would find it difficult to free Pollard and could be pressed instead to pardon Rich as the consolation prize. Barak carried out his part. So did Clinton. Pollard: "They shot me in the back."
Watch for the full feature length expose coming to the web in English this week!

  • See the expose now at: Exposé: Using Pollard to Get Rich