MK Kleiner Links Joining Coalition to Pollard Effort

Nina Gilbert and Maia Ridberg - The Jerusalem Post - February 21, 2001

Michael Kleiner of Herut has written letters to Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon and Prime Minister Ehud Barak declaring that one of the preconditions for his party's membership in a coalition government is Israel's demand for the pardon of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

"Pollard is like an Israeli soldier sitting in a foreign prison. If we do everything to help a soldier, then we should do everything to help Pollard," Kleiner said. He also explained the unfairness of Israel's working on behalf of Marc Rich's pardon while ignoring the plight of the more deserving Pollard.

Pollard's lawyer Larry Dub said he is "working to lobby other MKs" to have their parties make Pollard a condition for entering a coalition

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