Urgent Message to PM Sharon from Jonathan Pollard


Prime Minister Ariel Sharon


February 12, 2001 B"H


Jonathan Pollard 09185-016
FCI Butner  POB 1000
Butner North Carolina
USA 27509-1000

URGENT MESSAGE RE: diGenova and Barak

Dear Prime Minister Sharon,

Mr. Prime Minister, you were elected to repair the damage done to our nation and to our morale by Ehud Barak. Barak betrayed the security of the people of Israel abandoning them to brutal attacks by our enemies. He even left an IDF soldier to bleed to death at Joseph's tomb.

Speaking on Meet the Press yesterday, Joseph diGenova, former US Attorney and chief prosecutor in my case, told TV host Tim Russert, that when faced with the choice of lobbying for presidential clemency for me or for Marc Rich, Ehud Barak chose to throw his full weight into lobbying for Rich.

diGenova's statement amplifies the conventional wisdom which others such as William Safire of the New York Times have also recently expressed; namely, that Ehud Barak abandoned an Israeli agent to fight for for a wealthy swindler and fugitive from the law. Washington sources that tell us that Barak repeatedly signaled to Clinton his preference that I remain prison. As the former head of AMAN (Israeli Military Intelligence), Ehud Barak signed off on my tasking orders when I was active as an agent for Israel. To cover his own dirty hands and bad conscience, Barak has been trying to bury me alive ever since I was arrested.

After 16 years of hanging on and waiting for the rescue Israel promised, my strength is ebbing and my health is fragile. Time has run out.

It is up to you now to reach out to President Bush and appeal to him to do right by one who was unfairly treated by the American justice system; one who has done 16 years of hard time in American prisons; and above all, one whose release was promised to you at Wye by an American President.

Mr. Prime Minister, if you do not act at once to rescue an Israeli agent who has been cruelly abandoned by the former prime minister, how can the Israeli people trust you to rescue our land and our nation whose very survival has been jeopardized by that same prime minister?

Your Knesset colleagues tell us that you are not interested in anything this week except forming your coalition, and that all of your efforts are directed to wooing new ministers. Mr. Prime Minister, the fate of an Israeli agent in peril cannot be put on ice. I beseech you to bring me home now, and surely your government, the land and the people of Israel will all be blessed by the righteousness of your action.

Yours truly
Jonathan Pollard

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