Pollard to Sharon: Push for Pardon

Maia Ridberg - Jerusalem Post - February 11, 2001

JERUSALEM - Convicted spy for Israel Jonathan Pollard has written to Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon, urging him to pressure US President George W. Bush for a pardon.

"Mr. Prime Minister, for the first time since my arrest, you have it in your power to rectify a great injustice in which Israel has been complicit for 16 years. I urge you do not delay. Bring me home now."

According to his attorney Larry Dub, Pollard's faith is renewed following Sharon's election victory this week. He believes that Israel's past governments have not made Pollard's pardon a priority, as they have pardons for others like Marc Rich.

But Sharon, in his view, has been more supportive than past prime ministers. During the Wye summit, Sharon insisted on obtaining "a commitment from president Bill Clinton guaranteeing Pollard's release," said Dub.

Pollard contends that Prime Minister Ehud Barak "chose not to collect on my release" from this deal, and "now it is up to you, Mr. Sharon, to keep faith with me by securing my release without further delay," wrote Pollard.

The timing of the letter coincides with Pollard's launching of a legal initiative in the US to overturn his conviction, as well as the beginning of both Bush's and Sharon's terms of office.

A spokeswoman for Sharon had no comment on the letter.

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