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Justice4JP Release - January 29, 2001

Among the topics added to the newly updated Facts Page is the fiasco at Wye and Clinton's repeated double-dealing over Pollard. Here is an excerpt from the Facts Page that explains Clinton's third and final double-cross of Netanyahu in the aftermath of the Wye Summit in 1998.

Background (condensed from the Facts Page)

President Clinton had promised Jonathan Pollard to Prime Minister Netanyahu as the lure to get him to come to a summit at Wye River before the mid-term Congressional elections. Once at Wye, Clinton quickly "forgot" his promise to free Pollard and forced Netanyahu to negotiate a new price for Pollard's release.

Pollard became the deal-maker at Wye when his freedom was once again purchased by Israel, the price for which was of the release of 750 Palestinian terrorists and murderers with Jewish blood on their hands and immunity for P.A. chief of police, terrorist Ghazi Jabali, whose extradition was being sought by Israel. As soon as the deal was clinched and the Wye Accords about to be signed, Clinton reneged.

To prevent an embittered Netanyahu from leaving without signing the Wye Accords, Clinton worked out a private deal with him, according to which Clinton would publicly announce a "speedy review" of the case and Pollard would later be freed as a "gesture" to Israel, parallel to the release of the 750 murderers and terrorists.

Excerpt from The Facts Page

41. When Netanyahu returned to Israel after Wye, he created a firestorm of publicity by releasing 200 Palestinian common criminals from Israeli prisons.

The Palestinians were outraged, and insisted that these common criminals were not the prisoners that they had bargained for at Wye. The Americans angrily protested. Netanyahu reminded the Americans that the Wye Accords do not specify exactly which prisoners Israel must release. Critics wondered if the Prime Minister had lost his mind to antagonize the Americans this way.

Only those close to Prime Minister Netanyahu understood that this was Netanyahu's private, pointed reminder to Bill Clinton that if he were thinking of shafting him again over Pollard, he should think again. No Pollard, no release for the Palestinian murderers and terrorists.

Unfortunately for Jonathan Pollard, Netanyahu's government fell before he was able to act on this.

42. In a meeting with Netanyahu right after his electoral defeat in the Spring of 1999, Jonathan Pollard's wife, Esther, received assurances from the former prime minister that the new prime minister, Ehud Barak, had been fully briefed about what had been agreed to at Wye and about the fall-back position; that is to say, Israel had yet to free the 750 terrorists with blood on their hands and was still supposed to receive Pollard home in a "parallel gesture" from President Clinton.

43. Not long after Barak took office, the 750 Palestinian murderers and terrorists walked out of prison as free men. Jonathan Pollard remained in his American jail cell.

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