Clinton Pardons His Brother; Leaves Pollard In Prison

Yediot Achronot - January 21, 2001

"From the outset, I never had much hope that Clinton would come through. He has lied to 3 Prime Ministers about releasing Pollard." (Pollard Attorney, Larry Dub)

Just shortly before leaving the White House, President Clinton decided to grant clemency to more than one hundred persons. Among them was his brother, Roger, who was indicted for tax fraud and sentenced to two years, but was pardoned even before he started to serve his time.

Clinton also granted clemency to Susan MacDougal, an Arkansas woman who was sent to jail because she refused to testify against Clinton in the Whitewater scandal. In the context of this scandal, the Clintons were accused of involvement in fraudulent real estate deals. In the end no indictments were issued against them, but MacDougal and her husband both went to prison for refusing to testify against the Clintons. MacDougal's husband died in prison of natural causes about a year ago.

Jonathan Pollard who is in prison for spying on behalf of Israel, was not included in the list of pardons. The White House said that the government of Israel had exerted great pressure on Clinton to pardon Pollard, or to at least allow him to serve out the balance of his sentence in in prison in Israel. However the Intelligence Establishment strongly objected to the granting of clemency, and George Tenet the head of the CIA even threatened to resign if Pollard were pardoned. (


These absurd claims did not emanate from the White House! They are pure Barak Govt. spin to cover for Clinton. Because of his own involvement in the Pollard affair, Barak fears Pollard's release more than he fears losing the elections, and that is the key reason that Pollard's clemency was denied. As President Clinton has just proved by freeing a host of felons convicted of crimes ranging from lethal terrorist acts to financial fraud, the Intelligence community has no say in who receives a pardon. Clemency is the exclusive decision of the president and his decision is not subject to review by any other agency or official.)

"From the outset, I never had much hope that Clinton would come through," Pollard's attorney Larry Dub said yesterday. "He has lied to 3 Prime Ministers about releasing Pollard. It is a real shame that none of them ever got Clinton's promises in writing."

Israeli political figures also expressed disappointment. "Clinton was not fair with Israel in regard to the Pollard case," said an official in Jerusalem yesterday. The Prime Minister's office stated, "Prime Minister Ehud Barak worked all the time for the release of Jonathan Pollard, and he will continue to work towards that goal."

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